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About Us

Lions Clubs International, the world's largest voluntary service organization with its presence in more than 210 countries and wider geographical area with over 46,000 clubs under which more than 1.4 million enthusiastically dedicated Lion members with the motto of "We Serve" as well as with the spirit of "Lionism for human service and welfare" has been rendering its unflinching service to the society and mankind continuously around the world since past 100 years

With the defined motive and under the LCI umbrella, the Lions Clubs International, Multiple District-325 in Nepal has been involved in its own organizational development with more than 850 strong clubs and 25,000 plus dedicated and passionate Lion members presence under its 4 Districts since 1971. Albeit several social service activities are being undertaken time and again in Nepal, LCI MD-325 through its dynamic and tireless members mobilized in the social services, recently took one of its bold and broadest decisions since its inception in Nepal to establish and operate its' own ‘TU Lions Blood Transfusion and Research Center (TULBT&RC) with modern typology of services in the blood related issues with the participatory perspectives. For this reason, the Lions of MD-325 initiated their participatory approach with Tribhuvan University, the premier University of the country for its objective to be materialized. Following the objectives, We, LCI MD 325 and TU jointly agreed to materialize this mission through its establishment in the premises of TU- adjoined to Aayurved Campus/Hospital with 3 Ropani of land ( 16428 Sq. Ft.) at Kirtipur. LCI MD-325 has planned to manage and mitigate the financial arrangements from various sources for its institutionalization.

Accordingly, for the first time in 45 years history of Lionism in Nepal, history, around 1,200 Lion members of various clubs from the different Districts from all over the country came forward as promoters of the project with their commitment and contribution of NRs. 25,000/- from each member which further sets out its milestone. Finally, “TU Lions Blood Transfusion and Research Centre”  (TULBT&RC) was born and it took its shape of a legitimate institution through its registration and affiliation with the concerned government offices and regulatory authorities.

As of date, the building construction site has been demarcated with the boundary pillars; soil test for building design purpose has been completed; selection of technical consultants and following the building design as per the norms of the WHO for the proposed four storied Blood Bank building has been completed and the tender bid documents for construction of building are under preparation. Initially, tender bid notice for construction of a two-storied Blood Bank building will be published in the National daily within few weeks time.

As the LCI completes its 100 years of services worldwide, we the Lions of Nepal, embarking towards new century of service, are eagerly looking forward to spread beacon of hope to thousands of needy people of our society through our small gesture! Where there is a need, there is a Lion!!

About Us

    TULBT&RC a humanitarian organization led by Lions Volunteers ( LCI,MD325) jointly with the Tribhuvan University, Nepal  for  " SAFE BLOOD,SAVE LIFE"  to enhance the well being of patients in  our community by assuring a reliable blood supply centre as well as promoting blood related research programs.


  • TULBT&RC Values:

    Humanitarian Integrity, Human Respect, Customer Satisfactions, Pursue an Excellence & Positive Response to Change through Readily Services and Research Activities.

  • TULBT&RC Strategic Intent/ Vision:

     By the end of the decade, TULBT&RC will be recognized for saving and improving lives in our community with safe and reliable blood as well as develops Centre as a blood related research centre. To reach and achieve the Goals;

    ·TULBT&RC  will increase its active donor base and the collection levels.

    · will conduct regular in-house training, evaluation and continuous education programs to improve the    profession skill of its personnel.

    · will manage its resources effectively and responsibly.

    ·will provide its outstanding service to meet the donor expectations , hospitals and patients in our community.

    · will provide better service through mutual ventures, partnerships for the safe and quality products.

    · will expand the branches and improve the service through inherent research activities.

    · will encourage the contributions through scholarly orientations.